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A little bit about me


I have had many different roles in my professional career but I increasingly see myself as an intermediary and a catalyst that makes things happen. My passion is science engagement and I love to mix different people and approaches in order to create inclusive spaces for novel encounters with knowledge. I use my cross-cultural expertise to support institutions working outside their comfort zone. I believe that even if inclusion is a serious matter, we can explore it in a lively, secure and even playful way.

I am based between France and Croatia and I offer different services across Europe and beyond!

My Expertise



I create innovative and meaningful ways to engage different audiences with sciences.

Social Justice and Inclusion

I build spaces for equitable engagement with science and its institutions for all.

Creativity, Making and Tinkering

I promote individual and collective creativity that fosters curiosity, understanding and learning.

Museums and Science Centres

I design and evaluate educational programmes for Museums and Science Centres within their walls or beyond in pop-up spaces.

Science x Society

I explore the complex interaction between public, citizen, research and science institutions.

Participatory Approaches

I implement participatory decision-making processes for planning, implementing and evaluating Science Engagement projects.

European Project Management

I write and manage European Projects funded by the European Commission or Erasmus+.

Empowerment of Young People

I develop educational and training programmes for young people, especially NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

"Vanessa is a leading star of European science education and science communication. Her commitment to making science ‘in public' accessible, equitable and meaningfully inclusive for everyone has seen her lead the field on issues of social justice and science communication. There is no-one I’d rather work with!"

Emily Dawson, Associate Professor, Department of Science & Technology Studies, University College London (United Kingdom)

MY Previous Collaborations

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